Sunday, August 31, 2003

You have decided to record your voice and your wonderful dialect with all its colors of the Tamil country from where you grew!

Well, to record your voice you need a microphone and a recording programme. If you are a Windows user you may get a free Real Audio voice recoder called Helix Producer Basic . With this free utility you can record your voice and edit even your video clippings and save them as real audio files (rm). These files occupy very less space (500-1000 kb) if you record for 30-60 seconds!

There are other utilities such as Sonic Foundry and such softwares that would help you to record your voice and save them in many different formats such as mp3 and rm.

The basic recorder that comes with most Windows system records your voice in 'wav' format. That occupies lots of space. If you have enough space in your homepage you are welcome to do that. But if you do not have a homepage and you want us to store your dialect, then we prefer mp3 or rm files. This means you need to convert your 'way' file into mp3 or rm. If you can't do it by yourselves...well..send us! (keep your file size below 1 MB). We shall convert it to mp3 with our software.

If you do not have a microphone just borrow it from a friend or buy it. That will be quite useful to do 'voice chat' with your friends. A microphone does not cost that much.

What can I talk?
I feel very shy....
I am not creative....

well..our answer is don't feel so. Be natural and record whatever comes into your mind. Recollect your conversation with your wife/husband, children, relatives. Repeat it for a few seconds and you have created a file for our voice bank. It is not all that hard to record your voice. Some people may need practice. Some people need the company of friends. Some want to be alone. Choose your mode!

Your voice and the recording will help the community and researchers.

Please do not forget to send a 75 x 75 pixel photo of yourselves. Afterall, you deserve that 'humble' publicity for the effort you made.

Ok, friends. Thank you for your time.

Yours friendly,
A living language has many dialects. Here is an attempt to collect as many tamil dialects as possible in mp3 (500-1000kb). If you want to share your own dialect, please record your voice and send us a voice mail or place it in your homepage and give as the URL (preferred). Every individual carries with him/her the dialect of the region. We encourage Tamil children (mainland & diaspora) to record their voice & send us. Enrich Tamil Heritage with you

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